Recent Before & After Photos

It's Hard to Feel Clean When Your Bathroom Isn't

How can you feel clean after a shower of bath with unsightly mold staring at you from the wall. This bathroom in Southeast Salem was in need of our skilled mol... READ MORE

Mold is Gross, We Can Make it Go Away

I think we can all agree that mold is unsightly and can also cause health issues. It doesn't get better on its own either. It only gets worse. That's why our... READ MORE

Restored wood floors

A customer called SERVPRO of Southeast Salem to inquire about restoring her hardwood floors that had sustained water damage several years ago and had lost their... READ MORE

If there is water where there shouldn't be we can help

Water should only be in certain places in your home or office, right? Well unfortunately that isn't always the case. A broken pipe a clogged drain or some of ... READ MORE

When Water Flows Downhill

One of the more common calls that SERVPRO of Southeast Salem receives is that of a flooded basement. A pipe can crack or break or there may be no irrigation in ... READ MORE

Beautiful Water Damaged Dresser Restored

This beautiful dress initially looks like it has seen better days. The water damage it has sustained makes it seem like it would look better by the dumpster th... READ MORE

Fire at a car dealership

The resulting debris caused by a fire at a local car dealership is the focal point of this before and after photo. As you can see there was quite a bit of dama... READ MORE

How Do The Floors Look in Your Business?

In many retail and business settings the floors can say a lot to potential customers. Don't make the wrong impression to your clientele with dirty, damaged or ... READ MORE

An Empty House Catches Fire

The owner of this property was quite upset to find out that a fire was caused inside the empty home. The owner was trying to sell the property when this incide... READ MORE

Flooded Truck or Car, We Can Help

This beautiful truck sustained significant water damage this past year. The dealerships customer had the unfortunate instance of not only water damage but havi... READ MORE