Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Got Mold?

This bathroom ceiling got affected due to moisture in the attic and then caused microbial growth. Our team came out and sprayed antimicrobial which killed all g... READ MORE

Don't Buy New Carpet, Let Us Restore it

From the looks of the before picture some may feel the only way this carpet can be fixed is to replace it. We woud have to disagree. As you can see by the cle... READ MORE

Sewage is Gross, But We'd Be Happy To Clean if Up For You

Bad, unlucky and inconvenient things can occur at any time in your business. This customer was the unlucky recipient of a burst pipe in their shop bathroom. T... READ MORE

Does The Basement of Your Commercial Building Need to be Cleaned

As a landlord you always hope that your tenant leaves the property in the same condition as it was when they moved in. As a landlord you can assume there is al... READ MORE

Do you want to get your deposit back and continue having good rental history?

Moving in itself is always chore that we generally must endure several times throughout life. If your renting or own the home cleaning it thoroughly is inevita... READ MORE

Before it Rains You Should Have Your Gutters Cleaned

While we are out enjoying the beautiful weather we get each year it is an opportune time to clean out those gutters. All those leaves from the fall still resid... READ MORE

Windows So Clean Birds May Fly into Them

When it comes to the cleaning needs of our community it's hard to find a task the we can't accomplish. One such service offered by SERVPRO of Southeast Salem i... READ MORE